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The Patrol Division is considered the backbone of the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office, as it is not only the largest division within the Sheriff’s Office, it is also the most visible. The responsibility of this unit is to maintain a safe and orderly environment for citizens and visitors in all areas of Plaquemines Parish. When assistance is requested from the Sheriff’s Office, the deputy responding will most likely be a member of the Patrol Division. These deputies are in constant contact with the public and answer a variety of calls.

The operations of the Patrol Division is Commanded by Major Grant Solis. They are divided into three districts.

The 1st District is commanded by Captain Brett Ricks and is comprised of approximately 23 employees. The 1st District is located on the northern end of Plaquemines Parish and includes all of Belle Chasse south to Myrtle Grove. Captain Ricks is also over the Belle Chasse Lockup booking facility and the employees used to staff its operation. Belle Chasse Lockup main number is 504-934-6850.

The 2nd District is commanded by Captain Javon Ancar and is comprised of approximately 18 deputies. The 2nd District is located on the southern end of the parish and includes the area from Lake Hermitage Road south to Venice. Captain Ancar is also over the District 2 Lockup-Booking facility and the main phone is 504-934-6800.

The 3rd District is commanded by Captain Corey Picquet and is comprised of 12 deputies. The 3rd District is comprised of the entire east bank of the parish. The office main number is 504-682-6278 if no answer call 504-564-2525 (Dispatch).

Patrol deputies handle a varied range of calls from noise complaints to homicides. For this reason, these deputies must have in-depth knowledge of the law and must be a well-rounded law enforcement officers. 

Crime Stoppers 1-877-903-7867 or 504-822-1111
Crime Stoppers 1-877-903-7867

Crime Stoppers