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Seniors and Law Enforcement Together is one of our newest developments brought on by Sheriff Gerald A. Turlich Jr. This program was developed to address the educational and social needs of our parish's senior citizens. Sheriff Turlich considers our seniors to be one of the richest natural resources our parish possesses. 

Programs Director Glenda Jenkins heads this program. Mrs. Jenkins has extensive experience in working with our senior citizens. Mrs. Jenkins hosts quarterly seminar's where the sheriff's office and seniors come together for a time of fellowship and education. Topics such as fraud protection, health, finance, etc.... are covered at these seminars. Professionals for the perspective topics are brought in as speakers for these events. We also serve lunch and spend personal time with our seniors.

Mrs. Jenkins and District Commanders also do regular wellness checks on our parish seniors.

Crime Stoppers 1-877-903-7867 or 504-822-1111
Crime Stoppers 1-877-903-7867

Crime Stoppers