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Aviation Division

The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office (PPSO) and the Plaquemines Port Harbor & Terminal District (PPHTD) have an Enstrom 480B helicopter that is used for various missions. Air-1 is either flying with two pilots, a pilot and a Tactical Flight Officer for observation or with a pilot and two passengers. Air-1 is equipped with a Forward Looking Infrared sensor that detects the heat contrast of items in order to locate various things. Those various things can be a missing person or child, a suspect, an animal or a vehicle among other things. Air-1 can also be used to assess water levels, levee conditions or other storm-related preparations or assessments after a storm. Air-1 is also equipped with a searchlight to look for things at night or to provide assistance to personnel on the ground. The helicopter is an asset that can reach places not reachable by any other means. This allows the crew to look at areas of the Parish to ensure the residents are safe. Air-1 provides the Sheriff’s Office with eyes from the sky. The helicopter can provide surveillance at distances greater than it can be heard or seen to provide that element of surprise if needed. The Air-1 can also move people at speeds much faster than traditional means in order to provide assistance or get someone somewhere in a timely manner. Air-1 is an asset that helps protect all the residents of Plaquemines Parish.

Crime Stoppers 1-877-903-7867 or 504-822-1111
Crime Stoppers 1-877-903-7867

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